With the Setmetrics platform, you can build a virtual model of your building in the cloud. This means you can run fast and accurate engineering simulations to find the best options in minutes – for the lowest possible price. Then track the savings in real time with our M&V tools – showing the client exactly how much value you have delivered.

With the power of cloud computing at your fingertips, anyone can confidently design, forecast and guarantee building performance – across its full lifecycle.

The Asset module extracts and digitizes detailed engineering and financial information about an asset. The digital dataset syncs with other asset management tools onsite and unlocks new opportunities – now you can deliver a detailed asset master plan, optimize your plant and equipment management strategies, and quantify the impact of deferred maintenance or equipment replacement.

The Projects module manages everything from small operational changes to multi-year, million-dollar capital upgrades. Use the intuitive, guided wizard to model proposed building changes to forecast engineering-grade performance and financial results. The simulation engine (EnergyPlus) handles complex analyses with rigour and repeatability and is the industry standard for Energy Performance Contracts, Public Private Partnerships and all scenarios where accuracy is critical.

The Performance module automates project measurement and verification (M&V) so you can manage risks associated with under-performing projects, shifting baselines and interference from unrelated building operations. Fast and accurate, it delivers transparency, auditability and third-party independence to energy savings calculations.

Cloud technology for building design, upgrade and retrofit projects.

Setmetrics digital tools help you find the best solutions at the lowest price, with fast, accurate and timely analysis of building performance